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Architecture Designed by Jonathon Faulkner ArchitectI opened my office in Steamboat Springs in 1993. My wife, Sue and I enjoy the Colorado climate and lifestyle and decided to move here from Columbus, Ohio. JONATHAN FAULKNER ARCHITECT is a one person office, by choice. I like to be involved in every phase of the  project and I want to understand what my clients are thinking and exactly what they want to achieve.


I am a graduate of Ohio University, with a BFA in Architecture, and have been licensed since 1973 . After college I took a year off and traveled the world, including Australia, Asia and Europe. Then I worked in several architectural offices in Ohio, gaining experience in multi-family housing, hospital design, and lots of commercial and public work. Then, for 15 years, I taught architecture and, at the same time, operated a practice, specializing in custom residential design and build.


My passion is residential design. I have a need to get into the heads and hearts of my clients. I start that process by having all of my clients fill out a detailed questionnaire. Then we talk, and talk, in great detail. Once I have a clear understanding of who the client is and those things specific to that person, we begin to design, together. Step by step, as a team, until we arrive at the best solution that works for the client and the particular piece of ground they have chosen, the house and the site working together, seamlessly. Great houses provide us with shelter, both physical and emotional. They nurture our aspirations, comfort us, excite us, and enrich our lives, especially in a place like Colorado.


Your well designed home will look and feel as fresh twenty years from now as it does the day you move in. It is your dream home in your dream location. Together, we make that dream into reality.


Over many years of private practice, I have developed some opinions about what makes a great house. It must fit both the site and the personalities of the owners.  I think and hope the days of the large pretentious box are over. Interior and exterior spaces that have character and stimulate our senses, whether that be dramatic or peaceful, are what people want. We also live in an age where we have become increasingly aware that nature’s resources are limited and we are the stewards of those resources. We must build energy efficient houses. I am committed to that idea.

There are two excellent books on residential design that I recommend you  read, before we get started. They are “The Not So Big House” by Sarah Susanka and “Patterns of Home” by Jacobson, Silverstein and Winslow.

Architecture Designed by Jonathon Faulkner Architect Architecture Designed by Jonathon Faulkner Architect

The Not So Big House:

A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live New – 10th Anniversary Edition


by Sarah Susanka

Patterns of Home:

The Ten Essentials of Enduring Design


by Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein and Barbara Winslow

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