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Fairway Woods - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

This is a remodel of an existing house built in 1980. The owners came to me with two separate projects. The house had no one room large enough to accommodate their entire family for holidays. The solution called for adding a loft with a spiral stair down from the main floor to the new family room and adding a new hallway around the existing ground floor bedrooms. The addition acts as both a family room and a large dining area.


The second project was to enlarge a woefully inadequate kitchen, which was closed off from the rest of the house and did not take advantage of the views overlooking the Sheraton golf course. So our task was to make the kitchen more efficient, open the kitchen to the rest of the house, provide seating for other family members to be in the kitchen but out of the way, and take advantage of great views..


I am now involved, along with Jamie Letson and his construction crews, in a third phase to refurbish the living and dining rooms. Stay tuned.

Jonathan Faulkner Architect - 30875 Elk Lane, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487