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Grandview, Ohio Residence

This was an existing house, built in 1905. The interior was dark and filled with a maze of tiny, poorly configured rooms. The new owners loved the property and its location in an old suburb of Columbus, Ohio. The property was full of mature oak trees as was the entire neighborhood. They said to be "aggressive" in the redesign, and I was.


We totally reconfigured the layout of the house, added living space and garage space, defined entries into the house, added a swimming pool and terraces and gave the house a complete facelift. We wanted to match the existing stonework on the house, but the quarry was no longer in existence. So we split the stone in two to stretch it as much as possible, and used two colors of stucco to maintain the look as best we could. Since there were neighbors close by, we decided to use glass block in the two stairways to provide ample light and still maintain privacy. The house has a very contemporary feel to the interior while maintaining most of the old exterior face fronting the street.


This was one of several houses that I designed and built for my clients back in Ohio.

Jonathan Faulkner Architect - 30875 Elk Lane, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487