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HIghlands Four-plex - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Most of the houses I design for clients in the mountains have spectacular panoramic views.  This property does not have such views but rather sits in a very nice aspen glade with several large fir trees along with a natural drainage swale along the western edge of the site. I suggested to the client that we could create a wonderful water feature with several small ponds and a connecting stream with boulders, small water falls and plantings. They were enthusiastic about the idea and that became the external focal point of the house design. We also decided to use a cluster of three large fir trees to act as an anchor for the house and to lend shade in the summer.


The house design incorporates many of the traditional materials of a mountain style house: massive stone fireplace, wood siding along with wood ceilings, large expanses of glass and exposed beams. But the beams are of steel to give the house, along with an open floor plan, a more modern twist. Thru out the house, there is a continuing theme of contrasting rustic with contemporary. The stairs going up to the loft are a combination of steel and wood, modern in look but warm to the touch.. Slate and distressed wood floors contrast with textured plaster walls. Vaulted ceilings and natural light are used through out the house. The kitchen is complete with the latest appliances, alder cabinets, etched copper backed island and soapstone counters.

Jonathan Faulkner Architect - 30875 Elk Lane, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487