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Barn Village Lot 24 - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The design of this house is driven by several factors. While there are houses directly across the street, there is a great view of the ski mountain at an angle of twenty degrees to the street. By aligning this angle to the exterior walls, we were able to capture this view from the kitchen, dining area, great room, master bedroom and three exterior porches. Since the property setback along the south or street side of the house is also a utility easement, we were not able to have roof overhangs project out from the building. So to protect any window openings along this side of the house from the sun, we had to carve out the roof overhangs. By angling those south facing walls we were able to accomplish both sun protection and views. The angled exterior walls create a whole visual dynamic to the interior spaces as well. An open riser stair with cantilevered treads acts as a strong focal point through out the entire main floor and is the first thing people see upon entering the front door. By leaving a large opening in the floor above, the stair and the central interior is bathed in natural light.

Jonathan Faulkner Architect - 30875 Elk Lane, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487