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Barn Village Lot 31 - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Typical of many lots in Barn Village, this lot is narrow with an alley behind. All the houses are required to have a porch facing the street with a majority of the front fa├žade close to the street. There is an unobstructed view directly to the east toward Mount Werner and great views down valley to the south east.


All the primary spaces, Great Room, Dining, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Office, Family Room and Patio, are organized to take advantage of those great views. That led to the large expanses of glass to the east and south-east along with an angled front wall. Because of the small size of the lot, it was necessary to organize those spaces into three levels with the Family Room below grade. In order to get natural light, view and possible egress into that Family Room, we created a stone retaining wall perpendicular to the angled portion of wall and placed stepped boulders to form a window well. We then extended the roof over the window well and supported the roof with exposed wooden beams and diagonal steel struts.


As the owners have children and grand children living in Denver, there was a need for lots of bedrooms, additional sleeping and play space for those times when the extended family was in town. There was also need for office space for him and a sewing space for her.

Jonathan Faulkner Architect - 30875 Elk Lane, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487