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Steamboat Pines Residence - Elk Lane, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

My wife, Sue, and I built this house for ourselves. Like many couples, we have divergent tastes. Our last house was more contemporary, so it was Sue’s turn to have the greater input. Both of us work at home, therefore office space was an important consideration and a business entrance was an absolute must for Sue. No people traipsing through the house.


During a party to celebrate the completion of the house, a guest commented that he liked the house because it was not “impressive”. We were not offended because we knew he meant the house was welcoming and not pretentious. We chose all of the materials and colors to lend a warm nurturing feel to the house.


The site slopes diagonally across the property, so tucking the house into the hillside was an important consideration. The house has exceptional views to the east toward the ski mountain and down valley. There is a small seasonal creek to the south and thick fir and aspen trees along the edge of the stream, which screen the property from adjacent neighbors. The house was oriented to take advantage of these views and to “grow” out of the site.


Jonathan Faulkner Architect - 30875 Elk Lane, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487